So, what is this wedding trend fuss all about? Is it alike fashion and beauty trends where the new replaces the old, and the ‘old’ stands for bygone and fusty? Is it about constant change and evolution killing the monotony of the ‘old’? Or, is it just about upping the style quotient? Well, a wedding stands for an affair that is personalized and further customized to reflect one’s personality. Trends usually don’t define weddings and it’s rare that the new trend replaces an old one. Though there are new ideas galore but the soul of any wedding lies in it’s traditions. And any wedding planner worth its salt knows how and what to experiment letting the wildest roses bloom in the snazziest of the jars. Here is a list of the of-the-moment twists and touches merging classic with modernity.

1.Big Fat Linear Floral Arrangement
The elegantly done state-of-the-art décor bragging larger-than-life floral installations in clean architectural shapes is the new black when it comes to big fat Indian weddings. Bringing the newness is the infusion of non-traditional floral components like grasses and leaves, adding another layer of depth to the design. Floral adorned animals in all shapes and sizes, growling and chirping from the different corners of the venue can really jazz up the whole affair.

2.Non-traditional MANDAP
Have a look at the trendy weddings around the world, you find people getting really experimentative with the place they exchange vows at. A couple of yards holding utmost meaning and significance ‘mandaps’ are getting more and more customized when it comes to Indian weddings. From floating mandaps and ceremonies held in round amidst backdrop of snow capped peaks and roaring seas, to mandaps made with transparent glasses, a lot of avant garde ideas are transforming one of the most traditional spaces of Indian weddings.

3.Minimal yet Classic
While modern edgy décor might be on the rise but the traditional design elements rendering that classic timeless look can never be out of vogue. The clean lined uncluttered look with a simple color palette and soft textures merged with random sporadic burst of neon hues here and there can paint the canvas really beautifully.

4.Hiring an Artist
Hiring an artist to create customized quirky illustrations and artwork can really up that art quotient in any wedding. From save-the-date invitations and printed napkins to gifts, favors and wedding stationary, the artwork can be used as a theme motif in the variety of things.

5.Little Twists and Touches
One can really take the whole design thing notches high by bringing on elements like elaborate ceiling decorations done with hanging lights and garlands and huge floral wedding chandeliers. Similarly, colourful balloon walls in architectural shapes along with unrestricted use of ribbons can render that timeless look with a modern touch.